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Dual Language Partners with Greenheck

Last summer, the Foundation For Tulsa Schools reached out to Dual Language Academy about a possible partnership with the Greenheck Group.  

The Greenheck Group opened a year ago in Tulsa. It is a 70+ year-old global manufacturing company based in Wisconsin. Today, they have about 140 employees and plan to grow to 500+ in the next four years.

After meeting with Principal Irma Sandoval and touring the school, Greenheck was eager to get started with DLA and adopted the school in May 2019. 

"Our employees were 100 percent onboard with adopting a local elementary school, and they continue to come up with more ways to help the school and make the relationship more and more meaningful," said Rachel. 

After touring the school and having initial meetings, Rachel asked what DLA students needed most. Dual Language students do a lot of writing throughout the school year as part of the curriculum. That amount of writing causes students to need a lot of notebooks - six per student to be exact. 

Greenheck didn't hesitate. On the first day of school, Greenheck staff members delivered over 2,000 notebooks, enough for each student to have seven. They also began tutoring over 20 3rd-grade students in math each week. Eager to help more, Greenheck inquired about what the students want most.

Principal Sandoval shared with Greenheck that for years DLA students had been asking for soccer goals. Greenheck once again did not hesitate, sending DLA a check to order the soccer goals of their choice. 

After purchasing the goals, the school had over more than $1,000 leftover, Greenheck told them to use it how they'd like. The school decided to use the extra money to order much-needed basketball goals for the playground. 

Greenheck didn't want just to invest financially though.

Our employees thrive on rolling up their sleeves, and it is fulfilling to be there, with the students, to see the impact we are making. It drives us to do more!" said Rachel. 

Six Greenheck staff members visited the school and spent two and a half hours putting the soccer goals together with the help of Irma. 

"This means their dreams have come true. They have been asking for these for years since I was a teacher here," said Irma. "Thank you not only for the financial investment but for all of your hard work." 

Dual Language hopes to continue to grow their relationship with Greenheck. 

"Even though it's a young partnership, it is a very strong one. I hope they are eager to continue this partnership," said Sandoval. 

"Future plans will be driven by our employees. We interviewed the principal in the spring to determine what the school's greatest needs are, and we will continue to make sure whatever we do is what helps DLA students the most," said Rachel. 

To learn more about the Greenheck Group, please visit their website.

For more information on how to partner with DLA, please visit the Get Involved page.