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Dual Language Participates in Hour of Code

Every year over 800 million students worldwide participate in Hour of Code. Dual Language Academy did not want to miss this opportunity to introduce its students to coding.

DLA Librarian Jessica Samaroo registered the school and invited Google to help facilitate the training. Google, for the second year in a row, accepted the invitation and joined DLA on December 11th for the hour of code. 

“Our students love to see the presentation from Google. They make sure they send out a diverse group of employees to show students that anyone is capable of computer coding,” said Jessica. “They are a really great company, they have a huge Hispanic workforce, and they did a part of the assembly in Spanish.”

This was especially meaningful as the DLA students learn Spanish from the time they are in pre-K through 5th grade. It shows the students that being multilingual can provide them with many opportunities and sometimes advantages in the workforce. 

The event was about 2 hours long. Google provided the students with a presentation that introduced them to the world of computer science. Joined by Tulsa Public Schools IT and Data teams, they worked to help the students learn the art of coding.  

The younger students worked on Ipads to learn the basics of programming. They used Osmo coding to learn logic skills and problem-solving; it is used to help kids succeed in an increasingly digital world. The school library houses this program as well as others that teachers can check out at any time throughout the school year.  

During the hour of code, the older students used CS First programming as an introduction to computer coding. The program is free, fun, hands-on, and takes no previous experience. The 4th and 5th-grade students at DLA will begin to use the program for at least an hour weekly.

“The CS First programming implements a lot of different learning standards. For example, the 5th graders had to write a story and use coding to create the setting and plot. It’s a new and fun way to get the learning standards across our students,” said Jessica. 

Jaymian Compton is a 5th grader at DLA who participated in hour of coding. He has aspirations of being a gamer and possibly a game designer when he grows up, so he found the event very interesting. 

“When coding, you can do a lot of things, like making games and videos,” said Jaymian. “The most difficult part was making the sprite move; the easiest part was designing them.”

The students had a fantastic time and look forward to the wonders of coding. DLA looks to continue to provide students with the opportunities to do so. 

In fact, students can also participate in the year-round robotics after school club. The club currently has 22 students who meet daily for an hour or two depending on if it's competition season. For more information on the club, please email Jessica Samaroo.